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Web Design

Professional Design for any platform: WordPress, Wix, Shopify, Squarspace, GoDaddy and More… Developers with years of experience create and customize business websites and business media. Showcase Products, Sell Online, Streamline Business and Workflow with a professional website.

Professional Website Design = $1500 / $50,000

Purchase a 5 to 100 page business website complete. Video, Text, Information, Graphics, Forms, Products, Maps and Much More. Custom Web Page Design. The page packages are for the amount of individual pages you think your site will need. Note: We offer eCommerce Online Sales Implementation. Product sales websites dynamically generate pages and do not follow a “Page Amount”.

Landing Page = $498

1 landing page complete with graphics, information, video and contact form. Sell or bring awareness to your product or services with a professional looking landing page. You will need a URL, Sever / Host Space and eMail address in order to run a landing page. Please see our additional services to learn more. Price list design services for landing pages.

5 Page Business Website = $1500

Get your business online in a big way with a 5 page professional business website. Graphics, services, information, contact form, pictures, products and more will make up your ultimate site. Server / Host Space, URL, eMail needed. Please consider other services in order to make the best site possible: SEO, Logo Design, Google Webmaster Tools / Analytics and Company Branding.

eCommerce Online Sales = $2170

Sell products online with commerce software allowing you to make instant transactions, manage shipping and more. Product galleries, information and sales support. You will need a URL, Server / Hosting and Email. Other services available.

Website Analytical Reporting = $220 / $2640

Keep up to date with website traffic and where your customers are coming from. How long do they stay? What are your most popular pages? Where is your traffic coming from? These are just some questions that can be answered with analytical reporting.

SEO = $376 per page

In order to be found online and gain better ranking then your competition you will need search engine optimization. We create some of the best SEO in the business and make sure you are able to be found on the first page of popular searches. Other services: Landing Page Creation, Location Specific Pages and Graphic Design.

Website Optimization (Speed) = $399

Get your overall speed performance increased by at least 40%. Skyline will fine tune your website in order to make it load and run faster.

Ad Banners

Advertising goes a long way for a company. Make sure all your media creatives and business AD needs are designed and managed by Skyline Certified Professionals. We have created advertising media for some of the biggest companies in the world.

Responsive Ad Banners = $749

Fits any sized ad slot and contains 3 frame animation, interaction, tracking, basic graphic design, Logo / product and CTA, back up image.

Youtube Masthead = $1769

Masthead banner used on the top of YouTube website pages. Includes tracking, interaction, animation, video, products / logo, CTA, back up image.

Static Ad Banner = $349

160×600, 300×250, 300×600, 320×100, 336×280, 728×90

Any size standard static banner with CTA, basic graphic design, product / logo.

Animated Ad Banners 1 size = $539

160×600, 300×250, 300×600, 320×100, 336×280, 728×90

3 frame rotation, CTA, product / logo, tracking and basic graphic design.

Digital Banner Template Package = $398

28+ Pre-made digital advertising banners, all shapes and sizes. Swap out logo, picture and text. Minimal customization and ad campaign ready. Perfect for all digital advertising needs. Interactive, animated, click through, analytical reporting. Digital Banner Template Package.

Ad Campaign

A Skyline Certified Professional Advertising Specialist will customize and run the perfect ad campaigns for your company. We will maximize your budget and provide you with valuable sales leads and return customers.

Digital Advertising Set Up = $469

Google AdWords / Facebook advertising set up. Account, user and payment gateway, banner or text creation. Additional services: banner design, graphics, analytical reporting.

Ad Analytical Reporting = $220 / $2640

Learn how your advertising is doing with amount of traffic, location, technology and more with an in depth report outlining your ad campaign.

Server / Hosting

Park your business website on the Skyline Server or get setup with Other Web Hosting Companies. We do the leg work and make things extremely convenient and fast to start doing business online.

Server Set Up = $329

Set up of a pre-existing server to run and display digital media like websites and more. Other services are Advertising Complete Hosting. URL

URL = $239 1 year

Get your own website address in order to send customers right to your page.

Website Hosting = $1040 / $2080

Includes server space, URL, eMail, website administration.

Graphic Design

Industry Standard Professional Graphic Design Services. We can make your ideas for graphics a reality. Adobe Certified Professionals take your project details and using Adobe Photoshop / Illustrator make them come to life.

Company Logo Design = $653

Company logo design using vector graphics with 3 concepts to choose from.

Billboard Graphic Design = $1110

Large Billboard Graphic Design. Large Print Design. In Store Graphics, Large Display Ads. Professional Advertising Creatives for Billboard Signs. Large Hi-Res Design Customized for Scaleable Print.

Graphic Design Services = $105 per hour

Custom graphic design for banners, buttons, digital media and more.

Architectural Graphics = $99.99 per Sheet

Add new custom objects to your designs. Each sheet contains lots of vector objects that can be used, edited and implemented into your projects. Detailed, High quality vector images for use in Architektural Design. Custom Vector Design Work Is Available. Please Contact for more info on price list design services.

Help Desk

Help? Tech Support. We are here to help you get through any computer media related issues or problems.

Technical Support = $60 per hour

Need technical help with digital media design or any of the other services we offer?

Social Media

Get Social and start capitalizing on Social Media Network Audiences. Customized Social Networking Page Information, Content and Posts. We can create and manage Social Media Advertising Campaigns.

Social Media Page Setup = $294 per platform

Per Page Setup: We do the leg work and provide you with simple information about how to run your new social media page. We also offer Social Media Management and Advertising Services. Professionally run and organized social media accounts.

Social Media Management = $2640 per year

Professional Social Media Page Management. Let’s get social in a big way with organized and smooth running social media pages. Pro content posts, automation, content branding. Social Advertising Services Available.


Web Tools That Are Needed

Google Web Tools Setup = $487

If you don’t have them already you will NEED them. The Google Web Tools include: Gmail, Search Console, reCaptcha, Business Page / Map, Analytics, AdWords, AdSence and More…

Plug-In Setup = $280

Plug-in setup. There are 1000’s of plug-ins that do millions of tasks. We help you Implement and customize plug-ins to work and perform on your website.

Price list design services

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