Urban Survival Guide


Urban Survival Guide 101

Comprehensive guide on how to find deals, save cash, cut expenses and live with more by spending less. Uncertain times call for well thought out methods that allow you to get ahead in life. Here are 101 Methods that will help do just that.


Urban Survival guide 101

101 Tips, Tricks and Info

How to Save Money and Survive in the urban jungle with today’s troubling economy.

A Lifestyle, Food, Shelter, Clothing and so much more guide.

Make a Dollar go a long way, get free things, deals, savings and great ideas on how to survive on a budget.

Proven To Work

Field tested suggestions that will greatly help you, your family and friends weather financial storms.

We all know Money can be tight sometimes and making it last is hard.

So we made it easy for you with this fantastic How To Guide.


#12.  Free Stuff – Freecycle request or donate in your local city. (freecycle community online)

#32.  Save $$$$ – Buy discontinued products and save up to 90% off original retail prices.

#85.  Free Food – Attend places and events that encourage taking “leftovers”.


Urban Survival 101

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